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Awakening Body

Somatic practices to revitalize your sense of presence, pleasure, and play.

Are you ready... move beyond repetitive cycles of negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that keep you stuck? Do you lack connection to deeper meaning and purpose in your life? Are you feeling fractured, alienated, or disconnected from yourself?

Awakening Body invites you to reclaim your vital energy and reconnect to your wholeness.

Cultivate more presence, pleasure, and play in your life. Awakening Body guides you through a process of connecting back to yourself through the body.


This self-paced, online course provides you with lectures and somatic practices designed to help you bring more awareness to body sensation & feeling, shift your perception, and ignite new inspiration.


Your well-being is determined by the quality of attention you bring to your soma. Are you ready to restore your vitality?

What is somatic practice?

“Somatics” is a field within bodywork and movement studies that centers the internal experience of one's body, or the body as sensed from within. Somatic practices use methods to shift one’s awareness to feeling & sensation from within the body, physical movement, touch, sound, and inner experience. The practices included in the Awakening Body course are audio movement meditations. The language used is meant to guide your awareness and cultivate new perceptions.

The Modules:

Each Module is available to purchase ala carte. You may also purchase the full Awakening Body course which includes all 3 Modules and one Somatic Support call with Lillian. Those who are enrolled in all 3 Modules are also eligible for a 30% discount on a package of 3 Somatic Care 1:1 sessions. Learn more about Somatic Care here.
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Module One: Connection

Guide your attention to observe internal and external movement through the sensing body. Open your awareness to connect with felt-sensation and follow movement desire.


You will get:

4 somatic practices (audio)

topic discussion (audio)

journal prompts (PDF)

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Module Two: Containment

Locate your inner experience within body. Connect with ground and space to build an internal map of body awareness. Unlock your inhibitions and move intuitively. 


You will get:

3 somatic practices (audio)

2 topic discussions (audio)

journal prompts (PDF)

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Module Three:

Explore choice-making through movement play. Connect to body sensation, imagination, and curiosity to create new internal experiences. 

You will get:

2 somatic practices (audio)

2 topic discussions (audio)

journal prompts (PDF)

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Full Awakening Body Course

This package includes all 3 Modules of the full Awakening Body course. Those who enroll in the full course are eligible for one Somatic Support call with Lillian and discounted Somatic Care 1:1 sessions.


You will get:

9 somatic practices (audio)

5 topic discussions (audio)

journal prompts (PDF)

somatic support call with Lillian

discounted Somatic Care sessions

I am here to assist you in your self discovery through somatic movement and creative embod
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