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About Lillian

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Lillian guides her clients into the depths of their inner world and inspires authentic self-expression. She offers support to individuals seeking a holistic and alternative approach to navigating life’s challenges. With over 10 years of professional experience in the movement healing arts, Lillian supports her community through personalized 1:1 Somatic Therapy sessions, immersive group workshops, and accessible online education. Her sessions prioritize body awareness as the primary pathway to address underlying emotional, mental, and physical needs, following a "bottom-up" therapeutic approach. Her methods facilitate the development of internal self-awareness and mind-body integration, helping clients restore a deep sense of connection to their vitality.

Lillian began her career as a professional dancer in NYC. She co-directed 96B Dance Theater, a company whose work centered on absurdist and comedic concepts while exploring the depths of the human condition. Their full-length evening debut, "Something Strange and Beautiful," presented at the Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn in 2017. Lillian directed and produced two dance films, "In Between" (2015) and "Marigold" (2018), and has performed in numerous dance films and music videos. Her most recent performance in "Heart of the Earth" (created by Lindsay Gilmour & Nathan Witmont) debuted internationally in 2023. She continues to explore choreography and performance as forms of somatic research, personal healing, and self-expression.

In 2015, Lillian completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga + Health and began teaching group and private yoga sessions throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Additionally, from 2010 to 2016, she shared her dance and performance expertise with young people aged 3-18 as a dance teaching artist for multiple arts organizations in New York State. Today, Lillian teaches private yoga sessions and integrates somatic movement therapy into her practice.

Lillian earned a Master’s Degree in Dance and Somatic Well-being: Connections to the Living Body from the University of Central Lancashire in 2017 and obtained professional membership as a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA. She has presented her work at the Body Mind Centering Conference, Moving Body Festival, Ithaca College, and various studios across Brooklyn. Since 2018, Lillian has had the honor of assisting Professor Lindsay Gilmour from the University of California, Irvine, in her research on Tibetan Ritual Dance, which has taken them to Dharamshala and Ladakh, India.

Read Lillian's scope of practice here.

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Things she's into:

✨ Authentic Movement

✨ Ecstatic Dance

✨ Writing

✨ Singing & Song Making

✨ Performance

✨ Clowning

✨ Hiking

✨ Traveling

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