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3 easy ways to balance your nervous system


Connecting to ground can be through physical touch or attuned awareness. Connecting to ground helps us locate ourselves in the present moment. The ground gives us context for our physical form. This can be soothing for when we feel disembodied, anxious, or excited. The elements of ground, gravity, and weight are all closely related. When you connect with ground, sense the weight, density, and shape of your body.


Laying down on the floor

Pressing your feet into the floor

Sense the ground of your pelvic bowl

Bring touch or movement to your legs



Humming or sounding your voice in a soothing way activates the vagus nerve which regulates your parasympathetic nervous system. When humming you actively control your breath pattern which also contributes to stress management. Sound vibration activates subtle movement in your body. This helps awaken new awareness, sensation, and fluid resonance.


Humming repeatedly

Singing your favorite song

Chanting a mantra, script, or verse

Reading out loud



Giving self touch is a direct way to demonstrate self compassion. Touch lets us know our location and boundaries. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and mitigates the tender liminal space between us and the outside world. When we give touch to our skin we awaken new sensation, which in turn, awakens new awareness to guide us into the present moment.


Stroking your neck and chest

Playing with your hair

Outlining your face with your fingertips

Gently squeezing the soles of your feet


Written by Lillian Stamey

To connect with Lillian and her work in somatic education and therapy CLICK HERE

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