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Somatic Movement Education & Therapy

Live your most authentic, creative, and embodied life.
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hi, welcome

My name is Lillian 😀  I'm so glad you found me here in this little corner of the internet! I am a certified Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist and Creativity Mentor, here to help you explore this weird and wonderful thing we call the human experience. Life is a mystery. But if there's anything I do know it's that healing is possible and the life you want to live is closer than you think. Thank you for being here, and thank you for being you 🌈

what I offer:

I offer private sessions for those who are looking for deeper self-understanding, healing, and new ways to move through life's challenges. Together we will explore the subconscious mind through somatic movement, creative self expression, and tapping into flow states. My intention is to create a safe container for my clients to express themselves without judgement or shame, and encourage them to reclaim their true authenticity. 

I support client’s moving through challenges such as:

✨low mood or depression
✨life transitions
✨confusion around self-identity & purpose
✨low self confidence or shame
✨creativity blocks
✨nervous system imbalances

also work with curious Artists, Coaches, Therapists and soul-centered Humans who are eager to learn somatic tools to implement into their own practice and alternative ways to improve their overall well-being.

Learn More:

What is Somatic Movement Therapy?

Additional Resources & Offerings

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