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Lillian is an Artist and Somatic Movement Facilitator who’s work centers around cultivating deep self understanding through inner awareness, movement, and creative process. Lillian's focus is on providing support to sensitive and soulful individuals who seek mind-body-spirit connection and somatic healing.

With 10+ years under her belt as a movement & yoga instructor and Registered Somatic Movement Educator, Lillian supports her community through personalized 1:1 Somatic Care sessions, immersive group workshops, and accessible online education. Drawing from a diverse array of practices, her methods incorporate elements from Authentic Movement, Continuum Movement, Body-Mind Centering, dance improvisation, yoga, and meditation. She is deeply drawn to Buddhist Philosophy, and weaves its enriching perspective into her work.

Lillian believes in each individual’s inherent capacity to heal, expand, and evolve. She leads her clients into the depths of their bodies and psyches, empowering them to unearth their hidden gems and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Read more about Lillian’s qualifications here.

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