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What if I told you that you have the ability to experience yourself in new ways?…in ways you could never have imagined?

What if I told you that you that your body is a resource to generate fresh energy, intuitive insights, and alchemy for healing and soulful growth?

My 1:1 Mentorship program is designed for those who are seeking deeper self connection and new ways of being embodied.

Prepare to be guided through immersive self inquiry.

My methods blend somatic awareness and creative care practices to help you get-in-touch, revitalize, and awaken authenticity. Sessions are centered around your somatic experience. We will bring attention to body sensation, inner movement of feeling and emotion, as well as, mental images, thoughts, and beliefs. Your self expression will be encouraged through speaking, drawing, movement, and play. The intention is to get really present to ‘what is going on’ from within and follow intuitive impulse. This practice prepares you to move through your life in new ways with greater self understanding, creativity, and compassion.

This program may benefit you if:

  • You are in the process of healing from trauma

  • You want deeper understanding and connection to your inner world of feelings and emotions

  • You want to better articulate your feelings with others

  • You want to get in touch with your inner child

  • You crave a space to explore, play, and experiment with self expression

  • You are going through a life transition and need somatic support or clarity

Rates + Session Info:

I offer free 30-minute consultation sessions where we can get to know one another and determine if this program is right for you. If we decide to move forward into the Mentorship process, you will have the choice to book 3 - 6 sessions to start.

Sessions are 1hr and held on Zoom. (If by some magic we are located in the same area, I’m happy to discuss in-person options!)

The Mentorship is an ongoing process, however, there is a 3 session minimum. Ideally, the sessions occur one time per week during the timeframe we decide upon. With that said, life can be busy! I am flexible to work with your schedule, and I kindly ask for you to be flexible with mine.

3 session packet: $450

4 session packet: $580

5 session packet: $700

6 session packet: $810

Payment plans are available upon request.

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