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1:1 Sessions

My 1:1 sessions are for those who are looking to deeply connect to their inner world and discover new ways to move through life's challenges. Together we will explore the subconscious terrain through somatic movement, creative self expression, and tapping into altered states. My intention is to create a safe container for my clients to express themselves without judgement or shame, and encourage them to reclaim their true authenticity. 

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About the Methodology:

As a Registered Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist, I prioritize the body as the primary source of awareness. “Soma” translates to “living body,” emphasizing how we sense ourselves internally. In my role as a facilitator, I guide awareness to inner feelings and sensations within the body, encouraging clients to respond to their natural feelings and impulses through movement. My goal is to assist them in uncovering their genuine, authentic expression hidden beneath social and cultural conditioning. Movement serves as a potent tool to awaken sensation and broaden our understanding of our inner world through outward expression.

Somatic practices employ various methods to connect awareness to felt sensations, including shifting attention, movement, touch, and sound. This approach to the body facilitates the conscious awareness of what was once unconscious. With a renewed understanding of our inner experiences, we can alter habitual patterns, address implicit and explicit traumas, and transform our perceptual experience.

Authentic Movement (AM) is one of the primary somatic practices I utilize in my sessions. Founded by Mary Starks Whitehouse, and further developed by Janet Adler, AM is a contemplative dance ritual practice that assists the maturing of self awareness, relational attunement, and authentic expression. It is a powerful practice that deepens our connection to our subconscious mind, as well as, the collective unconscious. Those who practice AM report experiencing altered states of consciousness and greater access to inner wisdom.

What to Expect in a Session:

Whether you are here for Somatic Therapy, Embodied Creativity Coaching or Erotic Explorations, sessions are a blend of verbal and non-verbal processing. We begin with a check-in where you can express your intentions or any challenges you might be facing. I will then guide you through open inquiry and invite you to bring your awareness to your body, sensation, feeling, and imagination. Sessions may also include working with various creative exercises or tools that you can walk away with. 

My clients report feeling a sense of clarity and deeper connection to self after receiving a session. You may experience heightened intuition, greater capacity to feel sensation, and new perceptions around challenges you are facing. 

I approach my sessions with an open heart and mind, and always bring a dose of levity and playfulness. I view these sessions as co-creative and value leaving space for emergence, spontaneity, and intuition. I find that this approach is an effective way to meet my clients' needs and creates a vessel for powerful transformation. 

*Sessions are 1 hour long and held over Zoom.

Client Testimonials:

Lillian is a rare gem with a practice unlike any other. A session with her has the capacity to push you to a place of more emotional awareness, clarity, and healing. Her somatic exercises, guided meditations, and journal prompts allowed me to truly slow down and find a place of inner peace at various points in my life. Above all, she is a great listener and teacher, and I couldn't recommend her and her work enough.


-Diana C.

I have had trouble finding therapists and modes of therapy that feel like a good fit for me and who make me feel comfortable. Even though I have only been seeing Lillian virtually, she made me feel comfortable, supported, and seen from day one. Each session with her leaves me feeling more aware, present, and always like I've learned something that I can practice daily, beyond our sessions together. I could not recommend exploring this powerful practice with Lillian more.


-Bahareh RJ.

Lillian is ever present. She tailors every session to you and your needs. She utilizes a variety of techniques that are fun, moving, challenging, impactful and often all of the above. I feel more calm and radiant and in touch with myself after every session.


-George S.

My experience with Lillan has felt extremely authentic. She has a very kind nature and I felt seen and understood not only verbally but while moving together. Lillian has been able to provide a safe container for movement exploration that I felt I really needed to get out of my head and back into my own body. 


-Becky L.


Lillian has a way of holding you that is so firm yet so gentle. During our session, I was able to step outside of my buzzing mind and quiet enough of my intellectualizing in order to finally hear what my body has been trying to tell me, and what a breakthrough that was! This gifted peace is absolutely priceless and I truly couldn't have seen myself without her guidance.


-Jazmin K.

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