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Awakening Body

A live course for Wellness & Healing Professionals to explore somatic methods that will support you and your clients.

Discover: somatic intelligence, embodied resourcing tools, & vitalizing  connection.

3 live online classes

Fridays 6-8pm EST
November 4, 11, & 18

Early bird price: $99
(ends Oct 29)

(Oct 30-Nov 3)


You will learn...


How to connect with inner sensation and feeling for you and your clients.


Somatic languaging and experiential facilitation.


How to use the body as a resource for presence.


Methods to awaken creative energy and new perceptions for you and your clients.

My Intention


For you:

Cultivate a strong self resourcing connection with your soma to sustain your vital energy.

For your clients:

Bring somatic methods to your clients to deepen their healing process.

As a Wellness or Healing Professional your gift is in giving. You are skilled in the art of holding space for others, listening, and leading with compassion. This cultivation of interpersonal connection first requires an inner connection to self. It is essential to keep your vital energy fertilized in order to maintain healthy relationship to self and other. It is my intention to teach you somatic methods to help you find inner resource, deep rest, and energizing connection.

I like to think of 'somatics' being like water - it takes the shape of whatever container it is in. Somatic methods can be applied to your work in whatever way, shape, or form your practice takes! During our time together you will experience somatic practice first hand and create your own personal and professional connections that are meaningful to you and your work. Some tools you will be able to bring to your clients include: somatic grounding, embodied presence, open awareness technique, experiential facilitation, and somatic languaging to connect deeper with your clients.

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You can expect...


Group discussions

Somatic practice

Reflection & integration

Each session will begin with a guided check-in. We will then engage in a 'round table' discussion where the topic is introduced. Group input is encouraged as we will share our collective knowledge and experience. We will take a somatic 'dive' that is intended to deepen our direct experience with the inquiry. These 'dives' incorporate a wide variety of meditation, movement, and creative methods that invite connection to the soma and somatic awareness. During the closing portion of our time together we will share our experience through writing, drawing, or speaking.  

Come prepared with...

  • comfortable, cozy clothes

  • a clear space (with at least enough open room to lay down)

  • journal & writing utensil

  • art supplies (if you have them handy!)

  • curiosity, an open mind, & the intention to connect with yourself and the group


Sign up!

Registration is currently closed. Please CLICK HERE to view current offerings.

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