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Dreaming Into Being

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a course for Creatives

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The object isn't to make art,
it's to be in that wonderful state
which makes art inevitable.

Robert Henri

If you're anything like me you consider yourself "an Artist, but not really." Maybe you dabble here and there in different mediums, a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" type, cadoodling and noodling around behind closed doors, your biggest and most loyal fan is your cat. #nojudgement


Or maybe you ARE a Professional Artist of some kind, and even though you're living your childhood dream somehow it doesn't quite itch the scratch ~ or scratch the itch ~ you feel boxed in by the expectations of the business, your agent tells you that you need to fit into a type, or your manager needs you to be more "cohesive" and "palatable" for others. (*cue eye roll*)


Perhaps you claim that you "used to" be an Artist. You know, back in college. You swore to yourself that you'd never give it up no matter how busy life got. And then, life got busy. Despite your vision of being the next Jack Kerouac or Isadora Duncan, you figured that some stability would do you good. So you got the 9-5 job, steady paycheck, and mastered a solid routine. But then you woke up yesterday and realized it was 10 years later. What happened to that zesty, rebellious, and passionate person you used to be? Somehow, you've lost touch.... 

You get the sense that there's something MORE here to be explored.


You crave a space to play, experiment, throw your tits to the wind, recklessly abandon all the "coulds" "shoulds" and "woulds," let your freak flag fly, and blissfully forget expectations of normalcy...if only for a moment, be free.


Cheesy as it sounds: We are all Artists. (Maybe not "good" Artists...but still Artists nonetheless.) Being here, in this human body, is a creative act. Whether conscious of it or not, we are participating in the making of our reality. Our bodies, ourselves, are at the intersection between all that's imaginable and tangible. We are living expressions of all that is unseen, felt, and imagined - ever evolving, moving, and dreaming ourselves into being.

What happens when we bring awareness to the ways we are unfolding?

How can we participate with presence, choice-making, and imagination?

Can we engage with our faculties of perception and meaning?

Dreaming Into Being offers you an opportunity to GET IN TOUCH, re-connect, and awaken the creative spirit that lives within all of us. 

Dreaming into Being is a workshop series for all the off-beat, black sheep, creative, queer, misfits of the world. (Yes, I’m talking to you!)

Together we will explore the depths of creative process through somatic movement, play, and embodied imagination.


The intention is to create fertile ground for you to:

  • Foster creative care practices that deepen self connection

  • Become enchanted with the mundane

  • Listen inwardly through somatic awareness and movement impulse

  • Tap into imaginal and subconscious realms of your psyche

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re a stick in the mud

  • You hate moving your body

  • You’re satisfied with mediocrity

  • You think daydreaming is a waste of time

  • You take yourself too seriously

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So...what are we actually gonna do here?!

Each session will begin with an opening dialogue where specific topics will be explored with the group. We will then dive into a guided somatic movement experience that facilitates deeper connection to the session topic. Journalling time will be given after each movement practice. The session will end with group dialogue to share and reflect on our experience.

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Themes: incubation, rest, leisure, idle time

Themes: inspiration, breath, spirit, vital energy

Themes: play, choice making, cause & effect

co-creation, perception, imagination 

LEARN + how somatic movement can unlock creative energy + somatic techniques to incorporate into your creative process + how to get your mind and body to collaborate together + and somatic movement for finding inner resource.

The Details

Saturdays May 6, 13, 20 & 27

12 - 2 PM EST

Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation, 304 Boerum Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Drop in single class rate $40
All 4 sessions $155

Payment is accepted via Venmo, Zelle, or Cash! Please submit payment before class.

What to bring:

  • clothing that is comfortable to move in; clothes that allow ease in getting up and down from the floor and moving around the space. Layers are encouraged in case you get cold!


  • journal and writing utensil


  • water bottle


  • curiosity, kindness, and an open mind and heart

A note from me


Connecting to our bodies is one of the most profound and mundane things we can do. It can lead to great healing...or simply enrich our experience of this one life we get to live. 

What's up beautiful people! My name is Lillian and I facilitate in-depth somatic movement experiences to help you wake up your vital energy through creativity, play, and imagination.


The practices and curriculum I offer draw from: Authentic Movement, Somatic Movement Education, dance-making, and eclectic spiritual lineages. I have been sharing my love for movement and expressive healing arts for over 10 years.


My classes tend to be a little bit of this a little bit of that, but always invite you to let your body be moved by sensation and imagination. I will never tell you how to move, what your body should look like, or how you should feel when you move. This isn’t the point. Your body and your movement is yours. My facilitation is intended to guide your awareness to different parts of your inner experience and invite your body to respond through self generated movement. (If that sounds too abstract, I’ll put it like this: you will move in whatever way you want to move).


I know it might sound terrifying ~ and on some level it is. Most of us have never unlearned conditioned movement patterns and behaviors. Most of us don’t have a clue as to what “organic movement” would feel like! When we step over the threshold from the known into the unknown, often what accompanies us is fear. This is natural. The process might be uncomfortable at times, but our aim is to slowly peel back the layers of our conditioning and get in touch with a more authentic, natural, and fluid way of being in our bodies.


I’ll assume that by reading this you have a sense for WHY this can be beneficial in our lives, but I’ll name a few that have been pertinent in my life:

-it gives me a way INto deeper self knowledge and understanding

-it gives me a way OUT to more meaningful connections with others and the world around me

-it gives me new ways of seeing, moving, and being in my body and in my life

-it makes life more fun

Honestly, if there's ANYTHING I wish to give you through my work is simply a big ol' smile on your face.

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